A ballistic plate, also known as an armour plate, is a protective armoured plate inserted into a carrier or bulletproof vest, that can be used stand-alone, or in conjunction with other armour. "Hard armour" usually denotes armour that uses ballistic plates. It serves to defeat higher threats, and may be considered as a form of applique armour. It is usually inserted into the front and back, with side inserts also sometimes used. There are also plates for other regions, such as the shoulders, lap, and throat. Ballistic plates can be found in a variety of sizes and shapes. In the industry, armour plate shapes are common referred to as a cut, in reference to how the strike face must be cut from the material. -- wiki


1. Handcuff: NIJ standard multiple kinds of double/single lock handcuffs.

2. Police Baton: 16''-26'' expandable mechanical/resistive lock batons with multiple material handles and polypropylene T-shape Batons

3. Anti Riot Suit: Multiple designs police duty anti-riot work uniform.

4. Anti Riot Helmet: Many kinds of anti-riot helmets meet different countries standard with visor and neck protector.

5. Anti Riot Shield: Rectangular/circular shape polycarbonate multiple sizes anti-riot shields.

6. Gas Mask: Full Facepiece nature rubber gas mask with the filter container.

7. Other Police Equipment/Law Enforcement Equipment such as Warning light, Roadblock, Stab-proof Vest, Bullet-proof Vest, etc.