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Will Jinniu Police Equipment become an OBM in future?
We believe we will become an OBM in the future. An OBM usually designs, manufactures, and sells products based on the creation of trademarks and brands, not on the noname products. Completing the tasks mentioned above requires a comprehensive and powerful production capacity, which is also a big challenge for most of the manufacturers now. With the development of markets and increased competition, the increasing number of companies including Wenzhou Jinniu Police Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. wants to sell their own brands and products and to expose themselves to the global market.
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Jinniu Police Equipment is an experienced and enthusiastic manufacturer of new gas mask in China. We have accumulated years of industry knowledge. Various in styles, Jinniu Police Equipment's gas mask for sale can meet the needs of different customers. The product is hygienic. It is designed with a perforated structure that allows sweat, moisture, and germ to eliminate out. It is not only a product but also a real technology which involves concepts of protection to presentation for sale.
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We care about the economic and environmental benefits. By introducing manufacturing facilities that are designed for environment protection, we are making efforts to execute green development, such as reducing emission reduction and energy conserving.

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