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The company has three departments


Wenzhou Jinniu Police Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd was established in 1995 and is a leading Chinese based developer and manufacturer of law enforcement accessories, transportation safety equipment, and personal protection.


 It is an authorized entity by the Police Security Department of Zhejiang Province under the verification of the Chinese Ministry of Police Security. Total annual sales is RMB 30 Million based on successful collaboration with law enforcement, military, fire and civil protection agencies worldwide.  These include clients such as Armor Holding Group, Monadnock GK Protectional and KyungChand Industry Corporation.


The police tactical equipment company has 3 divisions: Jinniu Police Security, Jinniu Trading and GBB Protection. Jinniu Police Security produces visual and audible warning devices for vehicle and traffic safety equipment.  GGB Protection produces accessories and equipment such as handcuffs, police batons, riot shields, riot helmets, anti-riot suits, road blocks, tactical vests and bulletproof equipment. Jinniu Trading handles the exporting of all products(police tactical equipment).  Wenzhou Jinniu Police Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is ISO9001 compliant. 

High customer service is what we strive for.  Please feel free to contact us via email or phone to start a discussion as to how we can best service you and your team. 


We assist our value customer to design and develop their products by standing on the Creativity & Innovative foot.

We manufacture the police gear products of our customer with Quality Assurance, Delivery Accuracy & Cost Effectiveness.

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